From a young age, my "make-believe" made it onto paper. My passion for storytelling grew from an early love of literature and the notion that a combination of words could transport us to any reality an author could imagine. From then on, it didn’t matter the form. Short stories, poems, lyrics—I put pen to paper to create new realities from which I strengthened my craft and cultivated my voice.

I graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Creative Writing where I had the privilege of studying under award winning authors. During my time at USC, my love of writing took the leap from literature to stage and screen as I expanded my studies into theater and film. I went on to study comedy writing, film production, and directing at The Second City, Chicago.


Now one-half of Ignited Entertainment along with friend and business partner Max Peters, I have the unique opportunity to create content that sparks conversation around sensitive yet critical subject matter. In our pursuit of producing films for social change, Max and I have created short films (Lullaby, 2014 and Watercolor, 2016), feature films, and plays.


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